How to Get Rid of Varicose Veins
What are varicose veins? What causes varicose veins? How do you get rid of varicose veins?
There are 60 percent people suffer from varicose veins, which are the most common problem among old women. They always occur in the legs and feet, and of course. They can develop in other parts of the body. 

When it comes to the summer days, nobody likes to wear long stockings. But what can you do with these swollen, gnarled veins in your legs? What causes them and how to prevent them?
What causes varicose veins
You should know that a varicose vein is not a big concern. It’s typically an aesthetic problem. Veins in the body are responsible for carrying blood back to the heart so that from blood circulation. Every vein has value, so that it can't carry the blood backwards when it has to work against gravity. There are thousands of tons of veins networks in our body. They become weak as we age. When they are damaged or lost values, they can’t work anymore, then the blood accumulates in the veins then you will feel pain.
There are many other factors that affect the values of veins, include pregnancy or family history. It’s one of the most common problems during pregnancy as your body produces extra blood so that increase the stress of the veins. If you are overweight, then you’re risk of getting varicose veins as well, being overweight add more stress to your body.
How to prevent varicose veins (more options)
From the experts, there are no magic methods to treat varicose veins. Most of the technologies and strategies are designed for preventing varicose veins. Like many other problems in the body, eating healthy food and keeping exercises regularly is the first thing you should consider. Don’t sit and stand for a long time that increase the extra pressure on your legs as well. You can choose from varies home remedies to treat varicose veins as well, but they are long-time treatments, you need patience. 

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